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The School offers the following full-time programs:

  Bachelor of Science in Economics (Concentration: World Economy, 4 years).
  Bachelor of Science in Management (Concentration: Marketing or International Management, 4 years).
  Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations (Concentration: Advertising, 4 years).
  Master of Science in Economics (Concentration: International Economics and Business, 2 years).

Admission requirements:

Programs Requirements
  Bachelor of Science in Economics
Concentration: World Economy
  Unified State Exam Certificates in:
    1. Mathematics
    2. Russian
    3. Foreign language
  Bachelor of Science in Management
Concentration: Marketing
  Bachelor of Science in Management
Concentration: International Management
   Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations
Concentration: Advertising
  Unified State Exam Certificates in:
    1. Social Science
    2. Russian
    3. Foreign language
   Master of Science in Economics
Concentration:International Economics and Business
    1. BS in Economics
        or Management
    2. Interview

Tuition and Fees

Programs Tuition per semester (RUB)
  Bachelor of Science in Economics 35100
  Bachelor of Science in Management 35100
  Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations 34200
  Master of Science in Economics 35300

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No 442 dated October 21, 2009 the new requirements for student admission to state-accredited higher education institutions were introduced. The document is available in the Admission Committee or in the information system "Consultant Plus. Professional Edition".

Useful links:
     OmSU Admission Committee: http://abit.univer.omsk.su/
     Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science:
     Federal Educational Portal: http://www.edu.ru/
     Official Information Portal for Unified State Examination (EGE): http://www.ege.edu.ru/

     Admission Committee contact: +7 (3812) 22-97-72

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