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Dean of the School of International Business, OmSU
Dr. Yury P. Dus, PhD in Economics, Professor and Head of the Department of International Economic Relations, Russian-American Department Director, Fellow of Academy of International Business (the USA), and European Association for Evolutionary Economy
Founder of the School of International Business and the first Dean (1998-2002)
Dr. Valeri D. Chukhlomin, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, Academy of International Business, European Association for Evolutionary Economy, Australian Institute of Management, and American Management Association.
          Since the 1990s our country has needed educated professionals for a new generation – those who are aware of the principles of market economy and are able to implement them in practice, including the sphere of external economic relations. Professional mobility and work in the international labor market require not only solid theoretical knowledge in the field, but also some practical skills such as fluency in a foreign language, understanding history and psychology, culture and politics, philosophy and ethics of modern business.

          Recognition of this demand led to the creation of a new School combining a Western system of vocational training – usage of mathematical methods in economic theory, term papers, practical work and placements – with the strongest areas of Russian higher education – fundamentality, versatility and classical humanitarian and science training.

          Therefore, the mission of the School is the education and training of new generation professionals on the basis of unifying Western business education achievements and Russian traditions of university education. In order to fulfill this mission we maintain a partnership with the best business schools in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other countries.    

  Brief Facts:

          The creation of the School of International Business was initiated by a group of OmSU professors in 1991. In 1993-1998 the work related to the School foundation was implemented at the Department of Commerce, School of Economics. And in 1998 this Department was finally transformed into an independent structural division - the School of International Business.

          Concentrations: Marketing (since 1995), World Economy (since 1999), Economy (since 2000), Advertising (since 2002), Management (since 2011).

          The first commencement took place in 1997. The same year the School was accredited for the first time by the State Commission. In 2008 the School successfully went through the second accreditation procedure.

          Since 2005 the School has offered part-time programs.

          Find the School's structure here.

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